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Make a Search Engine Friendly Website


Nseoowadays, a striking business website refers to not just a visually appealing site, but to one that is friendly to search engines as well. In fact, being attractive to the latter is even more important, if you want your site to appear in page one results.

This is what SEO services focus on when designing your business website. You can hire one of these services to take care of your digital marketing strategy. Still, to make this process easier for both you and the designers, remember a few tips to make your website as forthcoming to search engines as possible.
Here are they:

Make an SEO-Friendly URL Structure

Remember search engines count your URL and check if it is meaningful enough. For this, they employ an automated botcalled“spiders”or Web crawlers that help index your website. This means that you must make the URL structure of your site as SEO-ready as possible to facilitate the process of indexing.

Use the Right Keywords

SEO service providers like Perth-based DMB emphasise using the right keywords because search engines regard it as highly important. So be careful to find the right keywords for which you can use the Google Adword Keyword Tool. This tool allows you to get data regarding the number of Internet visitors using the keyword, plus data about the competition and the keywords that they use.

Use Images

Many times people forget that pictures speak a thousand words. Google pays a huge amount of attention to images on websites when it measures their search engine ranking. Place relevant images on your site and watch your page ranking skyrocket.

Use Social Media

Finally, remember to not just restrict yourself to designing an SEO friendly website. Instead, think of integrating social media, because search engines regard social media integration as an important factor when ranking websites. The more your website appears on Likes and Shares, the better its content that will fetch it a higher search engine ranking.

4 of the Coolest Ideas for Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Parties

birthday cake

birthday cakeIf you wish to surprise your dino-loving child with the best birthday party, then a dinosaur-themed party is in order. It is such a classic theme for your baby boy’s special day, and with all the different colours and types of dinosaurs, he would surely enjoy it.

Here are a few great prehistoric ideas for some historic fun on your little one’s birthday party:

The Caveman Scene

The best way to decorate the venue for the dinosaur party is to create a large mural. Gather old newspapers and cut the ends, and tape them along the wall. Draw huge trees, boulders, and dinosaurs on your mural. You may also want to allow the children to decorate the wall and create their own dinosaurs, colour them, and paste them onto the mural.

Prehistoric Party Tables

Set up tables by covering the surface with animal print material. Disposable napkins, utensils, and paper plates with the same theme might be difficult to find at the local store, but there are online stores like Birthdays Wrapped Up that carry a wide range of dinosaur supplies.

Dino-rific Activities

A dinosaur party is never complete without fun prehistoric activities. You can plan a scavenger or treasure hunt where children look for dinosaur eggs or small toy dinosaurs scattered and hidden within the house or yard. Give them a map or clues to complete the scavenger hunt.

Another fun game is to get the guests to create their own dinosaur shirt. Just purchase plain white tees, fabric paints, and brushes, and let the kids allow their imaginations to run wild.

Caveman Food and Punch

The best part of any party? The food! Change things up by renaming simple drinks into something related to the dinosaur theme. Green-coloured juice, for example, makes a great caveman punch. You can also create your own “prehistoric” recipe, such as a dinosaur pebble salad by mixing mini marshmallows, whip cream, and walnuts together in a bowl. Cupcakes are also a great choice for the menu—you only need to top them with tiny plastic dinosaur toys.

Dinosaurs make a great theme for boys. Remember, however, to tailor these ideas to suit your child’s taste. Younger kids prefer cartoon dinosaurs, while older ones will want them to look realistic.

Hiring Virtual Assistants: It’s Worth the Risks

Desktop computer

Desktop computerOne hot trend in the business world today is to outsource tasks such as documentation, secretarial jobs, and bookkeeping. To get them efficiently, business owners usually hire personal assistants who work virtually. They operate remotely from their location of choice. In addition, they use their own space and equipment. The only costs involved in hiring a virtual assistant (VA) is the rate they charge depending on whether it’s on a per day or per hour basis.

But, like any other business choice, hiring a virtual personal assistant does not come without its fair share of risks, which can force you to think if it is actually worth hiring one.

Some risks involved in hiring a virtual assistant include:

  • They may turn out poor quality work.
  • They could act unprofessionally and not finish the tasks assigned within the scheduled time.
  • They could be untrustworthy and leak your business information to a third party.
  • They may completely disappear from your lines of communications.

Risks Can be Managed

While it is true that nothing could be more harassing than to work with an incompetent and unprofessional virtual assistant, you can still manage all these risks by making smart choices. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Be careful about who your hire. Get the services of only the trusted VA providers in the business.
  • Make the terms and conditions of the job clear before agreeing to a contract.
  • Put the candidates through a trial period to check the quality of their work.
  • Clearly define the time limit for each task and penalize the assistant for delayed submissions.

Finally, if the virtual assistant is not working up to your standards despite repeated warnings, go and look for another one.

If you follow these tips, you’ll find yourself a truly reliable virtual assistant. Hence, do not be deterred by the potential risks involved in hiring one. Be thorough on your search to find the most suitable person for all your business needs.

4 Factors You Have to Know About Asset Management System

Business laptop

Asset management is a type of software program that simplifies the sorting of data and offers a support system. It helps the user make a more informed decision. The program offers consistent data collection, which creates an integrated asset inventory where users can easily access all information, such as the origin of the asset and its maintenance record.

Apart from this, systems asset management Melbourne professionals often use also analyse large amounts of data to provide better insights. This helps businesses establish best practices and optimise organisational procedures.

Here are some additional facts you have to know about asset management:

Business laptopAssists in Future Planning

The reports based on historical asset data are a significant tool for forecasting future maintenance needs. This is particularly important, as assets are considered costly or very hard to replace. An asset management system in place can help managers identify trends and implement the most efficient strategy.

Better Communication Lines

Another benefit offered by asset management systems is it can integrate automatic data collection. It makes communication lines between departments much more efficient. The system gathers all data and records on-site, so users can share data throughout the organisation much faster. This eliminates lost data and minimises data entry errors, so managers can take swift action.

Record Keeping

Asset management can offer businesses improved record keeping to comply with existing laws and guidelines. Record keeping is a long process, so an efficient system can help businesses comply with regulations and save time and money in the process. Users can store all necessary documents, such as invoices, inspection and maintenance records for easy retrieval and processing.

Safeguarding Employee Insight

Many organisations find it challenging to keep the unique knowledge of their experienced employees. When these people retire, their knowledge goes with them. Using an asset management system can help companies keep track of employee contributions, so they can pass them on to a new generation of professionals.

Asset management systems are essential tools for better operations. With such platform, you can streamline workflow and yield higher-quality outputs.

Creative Social Tactics: 3 Secrets to Turning Complaints into Compliments


onlinePositive interactions online is important to improve your business’s image. Not every interaction, however, may start positively.

The first thing you should do to maintain good online reputation is to monitor any discussion about your business online. Should a customer leave negative feedback on your website or social media account, other visitors will see it. Handling these poorly will not just hurt your reputation, but also client trust.

Here are a few tricks on how to turn a complaint into a compliment.

Stop the issue from growing

Respond quickly, but thoughtfully, to any positive or negative comment. If you don’t, people will think you don’t care about their concerns. While you do not need to monitor your social media sites every hour of every day, you can respond within 24 hours. In today’s world of social media, customers have an easier way to express their views about a company. Online marketing experts, such as Voodoo Creative and Search Engine Watch, recommend treating commenter’s with respect and making them feel that their concerns are on your priorities.

Understand their reasons

It’s frustrating to see people talk negatively about your brand, but you have to let them talk in a civil way. There are many reasons people leave a negative comment on your site. Some leave insulting comments to gain attention or anger other people. When dealing with upset customers, keep in mind that you are more knowledgeable about your industry, products and services than they are. What seems like basic information for you is difficult to understand for them. Be patient and understanding.

Turn things around

Change the negative perception about your business. Say someone complains that they have never received their order. Instead of ignoring the complaint, contact the customer. Let them know you are sorry and you are willing to make things right. This will strengthen brand loyalty.

Maintain your professional demeanour. Rather than figuring out where the blame lies, make your clients’ experience better. Doing this will turn upset people into loyal customers.

EB-3 Visas: A Guide for Applicants

Letter box in American flag design

People who want to migrate to the United States can apply for a visa in the EB-3 category. Known as third preference category of employment-based immigration, EB-3 is reserved for professionals, skilled workers, and other workers who don’t qualify for the EB-1 or EB-2 preferences.

Applicants need to have a permanent, full-time job offer and a labor certification. To learn more about this type, Eb5link.com discusses details on the EB-3 visa issued by the US government:

Letter box in American flag designIssuance

Each year, the United States allocates 40,000 visas for this category, along with those that have been unused from the first and second preference categories. Compared to EB-1 and EB-2, the requirements for EB-3 are far less stringent.


Applicants for the EB-3 category must be professionals. A professional is an individual who has a baccalaureate degree or its foreign counterpart. They are those who belong to but are not limited to the following professions: architects, doctors, lawyers, engineers, and teachers in elementary or secondary schools.

Skilled Workers

The EB-3 may also be issued to a skilled worker. The USCIS defines a skilled worker as an individual who has at least a couple of years of work and training experience. As the skilled worker category is backlogged at present, the employer needs to prove that the position is one that requires at least 2 years of training and work experience.

Other Workers

This is for individuals applying for positions that require less than two years of experience or training to perform. There is an annual limit of 10,000 visas for this category. There are extreme backlogs for people who want to apply for this type.


The employer needs to file an I-140 petition on behalf of the professional or skilled worker. Once this is approved, the alien and his or her spouse and kids under 21 years old may apply for immigrant visas via adjustment of status in the US or through consular processing. Once the papers and documents have been verified and the applicant has passed the visa interview, the visa is then issued.


Proper Hygiene and Healthy Habits: Helping Children Avoid Food and Water-borne Diseases

Little boy drinking

Little boy drinkingWaterborne diseases, such as Legionnaire’s disease, Giardiasis, and Amoebiasis, are common among children around the world. In Western Australia alone, there are about 700 cases of Giardia infection annually. Majority of the cases involve kids younger than five years old.

With the right information, you don’t have to worry about water-borne diseases. Here are some tips to keep your family healthy and lower their chances of getting sick:

Use water purifiers and filters

According to Purity Water, filtration systems do not remove certain water contaminants completely. Some of these are heavy metals, such as arsenic, lead and mercury; parasites, and bacteria. To prevent health problems, many families install water purifiers, which is a cost-effective solution compared to buying bottled water regularly. Unlike in the past decade, using a water purifier at home and in the office is now easier. You don’t have to think about complicated plumbing systems, as you can simply buy countertop or floor standing units.

Learn proper hand washing techniques

Frequent and proper hand washing is an important habit that everyone in the family should learn. Wash your hands thoroughly and scrub all surfaces, including the spaces between your fingers and the areas under your nails. Soap your hands for about 20 seconds before rinsing. Some parents teach their children a hand washing song, such as the Wiggles Hand Washing Song, and let them sing it while they learn and master the skill.

Make it a habit to wash your hands before and after preparing or eating food. You should also wash your hands after handling animals, changing a diaper, and using the toilet. You can pass on germs, parasites, and bacteria easily when you don’t wash your hands often.

Take precautions when travelling

When out of the house, be careful when drinking tap water or adding ice to your drink. Unless you’re confident of how the water is treated in the facility, it’s best to bring some bottled water with you. You can also use water bottles with filters.

Don’t put your family at risk for water-borne diseases. Use water purifiers and help them develop healthy habits, such as proper hand washing.

Putting More Value Back into Your Property – The Secret in Bagging a Sale

Wind chime in the garden

Are you thinking about putting your home up for sale? With the real estate market struggling to pick itself up after the global recession, selling your property may be a challenge. To make your house sellable, below are some useful pointers:

Increase Your Property’s Appeal

Wind chime in the gardenMake a good first impression by improving your home’s exterior. By doing this, you can be sure to bag a sale at the best possible price. Consider repainting your house to breathe a new life into your property. Your front yard must also have well-kept foliage and manicured lawns. Look for garden designers in Essex to help you beautify your frontage.

Cut the Clutter

Make sure your property is clutter-free. This is a great way to make your prospective buyers feel welcome. The moment they stepped through your front door, they should have a feeling that they could live in your house. Start with organising your things. Not only will it make your property look and feel bigger, it’ll also help potential buyers imagine how they would use the space.

Improve Lighting

Potential homebuyers are attracted to houses that seem bigger. Make your house as bright as possible by using quality light fixtures. Lighting can make your property feel much more spacious. Consider opening all your curtains during viewing to allow natural light enter your home. For darker rooms, place light fixtures strategically to light up even the gloomiest areas of your house.

Make Minor Repairs

Do not forget to fix broken doorknobs, holes in walls and cracked tiles before the viewing day. These maybe minor damages, but they are some of the first things potential buyers notice.

Upgrade Your Roof

The roof of your house protects the structure beneath. Reroofing your home will not only improve your home’s appeal, but it’ll also lessen the risk of damage in the future. If your roof is more than 15 years, hire a roofer to inspect and possibly replace it. To add value and durability, consider upgrading an asphalt shingles to clay tiles or standing metal seam.

Put more value back into your property by following these pointers and bag the price your home deserves.

4 Fab Reasons Why Buying Used Clothes is Not That Bad

Pile of jeans

Pile of jeansWith the current so-so economy, we’re all bound to tighten our budget and stick to the most basic of needs. Being a fashionista who should always wear trendy clothes yet on a budget, purchasing used clothes is a good option. Not only this option will help us save money for food and other items, we’re also able to get access to high quality clothing that is still in excellent condition. Other than that, when we decide to buy used clothing, we also get to help organizations like Goodwill where we can send in items we don’t need any more.

Here are some fab reasons why buying used clothing isn’t so bad:

  1. Cheaper and More Value

Purchasing used clothing is ten times cheaper than buying brand new ones. If you are interested in designer labels, you can get items at more than half the original price, if you opt to go second-hand.

Compare that with the high price of buying brand new. The moment you take out the item out the door and wear it with the tags removed already, the dress has already begun to depreciate.  With second hand clothes, you do not have to worry anymore about depreciation as you get more value for your hard-earned cash.

  1. The Clothes Don’t Shrink

Second hand clothing is highly wearable and is less likely to shrink than brand new items. The simple fact that second hand clothes have been worn and have probably shrunk means you need worry about shrinkage anymore. My DeeLux recommends you compare that with brand new clothing, where you pay hundreds of dollars only to discover it shrunk after wash.

  1. The Choices Are Endless

With second hand clothing, you get tons of various choices and you can even get stuff that is no longer available in the stores.  This is particularly useful when you are very picky about the style of clothes you want to wear.  You do not have to pay a lot of money to get limited edition clothing.

  1. The Perks of Shopping At Home

If you’re so conscious with what your friends have to say if they find out you buy used clothing, you don’t have to fret anymore. You can always shop for used clothes online! But, should you decide to buy online, it is important that you select a supplier that deals only with the highest quality pre-owned clothes.

Research about the online seller; check their reputation (read reviews if they are any) and get feedback from other customers. Make sure that they have a secure online payment system and delivery service. In addition, if you’re ordering online, you need to provide the correct size, to avoid delays and returns.

Colocation Data Centers: Cost Effective and Reliable


Many organizations worldwide provide colocation services, otherwise known as “colo.” These services are available in different price ranges and options. When you go for colocation services offered by a data center, you get to own the servers, the routers and the different hardware systems that belong to the vendor.

Before going for colo services, understand the differences between wholesale and retail colo providers. Wholesale providers usually deal with huge spaces with cooling and power infrastructure. The servers, racks, cables and all the gears come from the customer. Retail colocation providers, on the other hand, deal with smaller spaces and even cages or individual servers. But, you can get more help when it comes to the set-up for an extra price.

The Data Center Journal, the leading publication for data center professionals, discusses the following benefits of collocation services:

Better Connectivity

data centerNetwork connections provided by colocation centers are usually fully redundant. So, you can be assured that your business applications will always run uninterrupted.

100% Network Security

Data centers that offer colocation services provide 100% network security with the latest IDS systems and firewalls. This will be helpful in preventing unauthorized access to your systems.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

A data center that provides colocation services is equipped with multiple power grids, double battery backup systems, diesel power generators and excellent maintenance practices.

Bursting Capability

When you go with colocation services, you can increase your bandwidth levels if your traffic demand is high. There is no need to make any capital investments, too. The data centers distribute data spikes across a number of users, so their bandwidth costs get reduced significantly.

Growth Opportunities

When your company grows, you may have to invest more to expand your infrastructure. But, you may not have to do this if you go with colocation services. The IT infrastructure of colocation data centers will automatically expand to support your business.

With the kind of support and infrastructure you can get from colocation data centers, your business has a great chance of growing without the need for any additional investment.