3 Careless Driving Habits that Make You a Risk on the Road

Driving HabitsDespite the spiking number of road traffic accident and concerted efforts by the government, drivers still exhibit dangerous driving habits on the road.

With the number of motorists on the roads increasing exponentially in the last decade or so, the number of traffic accidents has been on a steady climb. Hectic work schedules, traffic snarl-ups only serve to increase the danger on the country’s road.

An increase in bad driving etiquettes, rising road rage incidences and good old recklessness create a perfect recipe for a disaster, explains an expert from Ready Towing. Here are some of the careless mistakes that drivers make on the road.


Failing to keep distance on the highway has been a dangerous driving practice as this means you don’t have a sufficient braking distance. In case the driver ahead of you applies the brakes, you are most certainly going to slam into their rear. Other than posing a danger to yourself and the other driver, tailgating in a traffic offence and could quickly earn you a traffic ticket.

If you get into such an accident, call an ambulance in case of an injury and inform the traffic police as well. Similarly, call for a towing service, if your car suffers severe damage.

Using a cell phone

With the mobile phone rapidly morphing into microcomputers, there is no shortage of pressing texts, emails or call to attend to, even behind the wheel. People develop a strange kinship with their phone that they cannot afford to put them away. Taking eyes off the road to check your phone doubles your risk of getting into a traffic accident. Again, you could incur a fine and earns four points demerit on your licence.

 Careless overtaking

The driver before you keeping below the speed limit is not a good reason to engage in a reckless act such as blind overtaking. You should resist the urge to overtake when you do not have a clear view of the road ahead. Otherwise, you might be heading for a head-on collision with an incoming car.

Avoiding careless mistakes while behind the wheel is the first step to keeping safe on the road.