3 Cool Perks of Flight Attendants

Flight attendant smiling in an airplane

Did you know that in 2016, flight attendants earned an average salary of $48,500? If we are talking about the top 10 per cent of flight attendants currently employed, the crème de la crème earn an average salary of over $78,650.

Let’s face it. The salary is one of the top reasons many people who pursue travel careers want to become flight attendants. But, there are more reasons other than money. Here are three of them.

You get flexible work schedules.

When you’re the new FA on the block, be ready for some shifts that are not too convenient for you. But as you earn your stripes, you will get to choose your work schedules. What’s good about being a flight attendant is that you don’t get only one shift.

You get flexible work schedules. This flexibility allows you to experiment which one works for you so you can still enjoy your life outside of work.

You get to meet interesting people.

They say that there’s always one difficult passenger in every flight. Given that you deal with rowdy children and some other unpleasant passengers, you still get to meet interesting people during your flights — celebrities, businesspeople, authors, athletes. It’s not every day that you get to meet these people.

You get paid to see the world.

This is another top reason people want to become flight attendants. Imagine getting paid to see the world! For some, it’s like they are always on a short holiday at some part of the world.

Of course, you won’t always get to enjoy these places because most of the time, you won’t even get to leave the aircraft. But there are times that you get to stay for a day or two at a hotel and at least enjoy some sites before you fly again.

If you’re looking for travel careers in New Zealand, do consider applying for an FA position. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you if you try your luck soon.