3 Ingenious Ways to Promote Your Brand Online

Brand's Online Presence in Melbourne“Focus on building the best possible business. If you are great, people will notice and opportunities will appear.” This is a quote from Dallas Mavericks owner and business magnate, Mark Cuban.

Branding is an important aspect of your marketing strategy. Without it, you may lose customers or increase the likelihood of one leaving for a competitor. Doing this the right away enables you to be top of mind and instantly recognisable when someone sees your logo or brand. 

Digital creative agencies in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria cites different ways to boost your image online, here’s how you do it:

Go Visual

Tweets and Facebook posts that use photos get more engagement compared to text. Three social networks namely Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat use visuals as their main platform. Leveraging this insight enables you to reach your audience effectively and grab their attention immediately. Branding the images you publish boost recognisability and awareness, and using pictures for each point you make on shared content does the same effect.

Be Social

Social media provides you with opportunities to reach your target market effectively and improve branding. Push your Twitter handles during a conference and when promoting a contest or sharing new content. Uploading videos about your brand in Vine boosts engagement and may become viral.

Monitoring the competition on social is also a strategy worth implementing. Facebook business pages let you follow competitors via the Pages to Watch feature. Doing so keeps you updated about their posts and which ones get the most engagement. Identify what works and determine if it can work for you as well.

Platform Customisation

When you publish and share your website’s content in social media or other platforms, use their customisable posting features that include photos, headlines and description. You are competing with several others who use the same sites and trying to grab the attention of similar markets.

These are a handful of ways to boost your branding efforts and reach your online marketing goals. There are other ways to improve your brand reach.