3 Reasons to Visit the Ancient City of Bath

If you want to experience a different view of life in the United Kingdom, then the busy and bustling cities aren’t the ones for you. There is more to the UK than skyscrapers and the London Eye.

For some peace, tranquillity and sense of history, you can plan a trip to the city of Bath and stay at any of the quaint and cosy hotels at the Bath City centre for the full experience.

The city boasts impressive Georgian architecture and full views of the Somerset countryside. You can spend both days and nights exploring what the city has to offer.

Here are the top three.

Evening Roman Baths Tour

The Roman Baths are the city’s most visited and tourist attractions. This heritage site takes you back to Roman times where the republic’s most respected and powerful socialised and relaxed. Thought to have restorative powers, the bathhouses became a central aspect of community life.

Today, there are torch-lit tours organised at night, which make the bathhouses even more breathtaking to look at. Some of the tours include a three-course dinner. There are single and individual packages available.

A Dip at the Thermae Bath Spa

The Thermae Spa is one of the popular spas frequented by tourists. The place offers a rooftop pool apart from several thermal pools and aroma rooms. The waters of Bath are said to contain 42 minerals, but the highest concentrations are of sulphate, chloride, and calcium.

For the tired and weary, a good aromatherapy massage will do a lot of good.

A Trip to Royal Crescent

Royal Crescent is a semi-circular community of elegant 18th-century houses. It is a wonderful representation of how elite and prosperous Bath was at its peak. There are scenic views of the countryside as well as a museum at No. 1 Royal Crescent, which houses 18th-century objects.

Also, a nearby canal can be crossed by boat, as well as a visit to the centre dedicated to celebrating the life and times of famous author Jane Austen.

Bath is a great city to visit by yourself, with your family, or with a tour group. Book a trip now!