3 Things You Can’t Always Do If You Job-Hunt on Your Own

Job HuntEven if the New Zealand government continues to create thousands of jobs every quarter, it doesn’t mean getting employed is a breeze. Depending on your level of motivation, it might take months before you finally get a kind of job that suits you.

This is why more and more Kiwis are realising the value of recruitment agencies these days. The services these staffing firms provide are invaluable, especially to those who need to go back to the labour market ASAP.

Without using the services of recruitment agencies, it’s almost impossible to:

Discover Unadvertised Vacancies

Many companies rely on these firms to get the talents they require. Instead of funding their own recruitment team, outsourcing this task is advantageous to most organisations.

This is why not all available positions across the country are advertised. Only a recruitment agency with a broad network can bridge you to countless permanent and temp jobs in Auckland and other regions, Quinn Recruitment states. Unless you seek assistance to a recruiting firm, there’s no way for you to access such vacancies.

Land a Job That Matches You

Professional recruiters are no different from matchmakers in online dating. They never connect one applicant with one employer randomly. There’s a combination of art and science behind it.

Many corporations deal with established recruitment agencies because of the latter’s ability to pick the apt talent for a particular position. Staffing firms not only try to fill in the vacant positions of their clients but also look for qualified candidates to work in the company for a long time.

Based on your credentials, interests and personal plans, a good recruitment agency could match you with the company that can cater to your needs.

Fast-Track Your Employment

Working with a recruitment agency cuts the wait for you to be employed. An experienced recruiter streamlines the process and ensures vacancies don’t remain vacant unnecessarily for too long.

By all means, this type of firm can better help you be a part of the labour force ASAP than by doing most of the hard work yourself.

Recruitment agencies are of the few that should take credit why the country’s unemployment rate continues to drop. Unless you don’t mind staying jobless for a while, there’s no reason not to use the services of a professional recruiter.