3 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without Turning on the AC Unit

Awning in Perth

Awning in PerthThere are many ways to keep your home cool during warm weather without having to turn on the air conditioner 24/7. Some people rely too much on their HVAC system that they don’t even want to make an effort to ventilate their home properly.

If you want to help the environment by minimizing the use of HVAC systems, here are some practical ways to cool down even without it.

Rethink Lighting Options

Sometimes, turning on the lights can increase heat build-up in a room if you have the wrong kind of lighting. Old lights and incandescent light bulbs can consume up to 90% more energy than compact fluorescent lights. This is probably the time to change the lights in your entire house. Not only will it make your home cooler and cosier, it will also minimise your electricity bill. Adding open spaces to your house is also a great way to let additional natural light and fresh air in.

Install Exterior Window Treatments

Aside from interior window treatments, like blinds and curtains, having an exterior window treatment can further protect your home from heat build-up. Exterior shutters and awnings from Perth manufacturers and suppliers are both great options. Aside from heat protection, shutters and awnings can keep your property safe from different weather conditions. Awnings can also provide shade to your outdoor area where you can set up a living space for your family.

Change Sheets Regularly

Changing your sheets can actually make you feel more comfortable in the bedroom because newly washed sheets are softer and more fragrant. For colder months, flannel sheets and fleece blankets are better. For warmer months, cotton sheets are better because they breathe easily and stay cool.

Try doing these things now and witness every member of the family feel more comfortable at home. These changes are pretty simple, but they will greatly affect the comfort level in your house.