3 Ways to Make Your Brochure an Effective Marketing Tool

Person reading a brochure

Marketing brochures are an affordable way to create awareness for your business. All you have to do is come up with a design and send the artwork to a booklet printing firm in Australia to make your copies, and you’re good to go.

But for it to be an effective marketing brochure, you need to define your objective first. Do you intend to use them for showcasing prices or for marketing a new product? The idea you have should aid you in determining the design, size and number of copies you need to print. Just like any other marketing plan, there are various aspects that you should keep in mind when creating brochures.

1. Target Audience

Knowing and understanding your niche market is a key factor when designing your brochure. You will need to use psychographics since the brochure you would design for millennials is totally different from brochures for baby boomers. The way you deliver the message should also be different for both age groups.

2. Features

Brochures are pocket-friendly marketing tools, and for them to be effective, they should deliver your pitch in a short and succinct manner. List the features of your product and use a few texts to communicate all the useful information that you need a potential buyer to know. Pictures should be clear, and texts should be straight to the point. Product features should also be listed from most important to least important.

3. Design

Your brochure should have actual images of your product. You don’t want your product to be made fun of on social media since the item on your brochure looks much superior to the actual product. Don’t go font crazy when designing your brochures. Make sure that you create space for your contacts and add your website address on your design layout, as the main reason for distributing brochures in the first place is to increase your sales.

The main goal of a brochure is to create an interest in your business. Ensure that it’s unique and mimics your business by incorporating business colours and the logo. If you’re not good at design, there are plenty of design companies that can make your vision a reality.