3 Ways to Use Psychological Triggers for an Effective Online Campaign

Effective Online Campaign in Minnesota“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.” This quote from Seth Godin, an American entrepreneur, marketer, public speaker and author, resounds with many marketing experts today. The differentiation between the best companies is marginal, but the ones that make their mark are the ones that tell the most engaging stories that trigger emotional responses.

Data-Backed Content

Many websites use click-bait titles to lure a person into visiting their website. As more of these happen, browsers become discerning about which sites to click and which ones to avoid. Even if a person visits a website because of the headline, he or she will only return, if they find the content useful. Convey a sense of authority and legitimacy by backing the text you publish with verifiable data. This shows your readers that you did your research and value their time and effort into reading your content.

Speaking with Authority

You need to have a level of authority for people to think about reading the content you publish regularly. SEO companies in Minnesota and other states cite that posting useful information demonstrate why someone would choose your brand over the others. Using influencers also add value to the content you publish. For example, if you sell supplements, getting an athlete or medical professional to endorse your products gives your company authority. This increases the possibility of converting a visitor into a paying customer.


Why do people prefer buying Apple or Samsung products if there are alternatives? When they buy these products, they feel a sense of belonging. Human nature has a strong desire to belong to a clan, family, social network, or group. Belonging isn’t only about products; you see this irrational behavior in supporting sports teams or political figures as well. This is why companies want to associate their products or services to things or groups when they advertise.

These psychological triggers are just a handful of the many you can use to bolster your marketing efforts and improve your online content campaigns.