4 of the Coolest Ideas for Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Parties

birthday cakeIf you wish to surprise your dino-loving child with the best birthday party, then a dinosaur-themed party is in order. It is such a classic theme for your baby boy’s special day, and with all the different colours and types of dinosaurs, he would surely enjoy it.

Here are a few great prehistoric ideas for some historic fun on your little one’s birthday party:

The Caveman Scene

The best way to decorate the venue for the dinosaur party is to create a large mural. Gather old newspapers and cut the ends, and tape them along the wall. Draw huge trees, boulders, and dinosaurs on your mural. You may also want to allow the children to decorate the wall and create their own dinosaurs, colour them, and paste them onto the mural.

Prehistoric Party Tables

Set up tables by covering the surface with animal print material. Disposable napkins, utensils, and paper plates with the same theme might be difficult to find at the local store, but there are online stores like Birthdays Wrapped Up that carry a wide range of dinosaur supplies.

Dino-rific Activities

A dinosaur party is never complete without fun prehistoric activities. You can plan a scavenger or treasure hunt where children look for dinosaur eggs or small toy dinosaurs scattered and hidden within the house or yard. Give them a map or clues to complete the scavenger hunt.

Another fun game is to get the guests to create their own dinosaur shirt. Just purchase plain white tees, fabric paints, and brushes, and let the kids allow their imaginations to run wild.

Caveman Food and Punch

The best part of any party? The food! Change things up by renaming simple drinks into something related to the dinosaur theme. Green-coloured juice, for example, makes a great caveman punch. You can also create your own “prehistoric” recipe, such as a dinosaur pebble salad by mixing mini marshmallows, whip cream, and walnuts together in a bowl. Cupcakes are also a great choice for the menu—you only need to top them with tiny plastic dinosaur toys.

Dinosaurs make a great theme for boys. Remember, however, to tailor these ideas to suit your child’s taste. Younger kids prefer cartoon dinosaurs, while older ones will want them to look realistic.

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