4 Things to Do After a Fire Incident

Old burnt home

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there were 1,298,000 fire incidents that took place in 2014. This figure represents a 22.7 percent decrease from figures in 2005. Despite the lower figures, the fact remains that many residential and commercial fires happen every year. What do you do after the dust settles? Here are some of the actions you can do before you call the fire damage recovery services in Salt Lake City.

1. Check for structural damages.

After a fire, your house’s floors and roof could have been weakened. It’s best to call your local community’s building inspector to conduct a thorough structural investigation so you know if you need to have them replaced.

2. Have the household wiring checked by electricians.

Do not attempt to plug in anything in the household wiring as they could have been damaged by water. It’s important to have them checked by professional electricians. Even if you are sure that they’re dry by now, you do not know if the internal system has been soaked. Do not risk electrocution. Call the pros before turning the power back on.

3. Throw away food, medicine, and drinks damaged by smoke.

Any consumables that have been exposed to the heat, soot, and smoke should be disposed of properly and immediately. Do not attempt to consume anything that has been left out in the smoke, even medicines. If you have thawed items in the fridge, do not re-freeze them as this could cause cross contamination that could endanger your family’s health.

4. Secure the premises while restoration is ongoing.

Cover windows, doors, and other openings to help lower the chances of vandalism while restoration is ongoing. You can put up a temporary fence around your home to prevent theft. It’s also important to list down all the items that have been damaged by the fire. Next to the list, add how much you’ve already spent in fixing or replacing them.

Rebuilding After a Fire Incident

What you do in the hours following the incident can help you recover faster. Keep these tips in mind if you’re rebuilding your life after a fire incident, no matter how small.