5 Effective Ways to Get a Good Lawyer When Arrested For DUI

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If you’ve been arrested for a driving under influence (DUI), hire the services of an experienced DUI lawyer. DUI is somewhat serious offense and may carry jail sentence. It can even cause you to permanently lose your driving license. That’s why you need a DUI law expert to give you legal assistance.

One of the things they can do is help those who’ve been accused of having a higher blood alcohol level than they actually have. This can happen quite easily, especially if a breathalyzer test isn’t working properly. This may seem trivial, but could make a big difference in the penalties and charges a defendant may receive.

Car key in ignition

Here are some of the steps you need to follow to find the right DUI lawyer as your representation:

  • Consult the Yellow Pages of your local telephone directory that carries the names of most lawyers and their firms. Make a short list of three to five lawyers specializing in DUI.
  • Search the Internet for additional information on lawyers specializing in your case and their relevant location. Visit chat rooms or online blogs where bloggers discuss their experiences with DUI lawyers to help you make an informed decision.
  • Ask family members, associates, and friends who have experience hiring the services of DUI lawyers before. They can offer recommendations and other information, such as the lawyers’ success rate in dealing with DUI cases.
  • Ask the local department for law enforcement who have an extensive list of empanelled lawyers. They may also advise you to acquire the services of a lawyer appointed by the court in case you can’t afford one. These lawyers, however, are usually inexperienced as they’re usually fresh law school graduates.
  • Also, remember that those firms that advertise heavily need not always be the best. You might even end up paying through your nose yet not get all charges dropped against you. Checking your lawyer’s qualifications, registration with the state bar council, and experience in DUI related matters is also a must-do step before settling on one.