5 Things to Remember When You’ve Been Wrongfully Fired

Employee just fired

So, you thought this was going to be a normal day at the office. But as soon as you come in, your boss calls you and fires you. And the worst part was that he completely had the wrong reasons to do so. Being wrongfully terminated can be a difficult situation to handle.

Some would get into a heated verbal confrontation with the managers; others would go through a union arbitration process, some would just let it be. No matter what you choose to do, there are five things you’ll need to remember if you’re caught in this unpleasant situation.

1. Keep your cool.

You will accomplish nothing from a heated conversation. Emotions will just be flying all over the place, and there will be no resolution. Staying calm is your best bet so you can walk out of the office with your head and heart still intact.

2. Do legal research.

Once you’ve successfully done #1, it’s time to get some work done. Read up on what wrongful termination actually means. Know what your options are if you know you didn’t do anything wrong. There are a lot of resources on the internet for this type of situation. Be proactive and learn what you can.

3. Write it all down.

Documenting everything that goes on from the moment your boss called you into their office. It can serve you well once you look for legal advice. Write down timetables and try to recall a past situation in the office where you feel the idea of terminating you came from.

4. Seek legal advice.

Having legal representation will help you fight for your right as an employee. If you have a strong case, there are many lawyers who will represent you without asking for an attorney’s fee up-front.

5. Prepare yourself.

If you choose to take the legal path, you have to be ready for it. The process may take longer than you expect, so make sure to keep open communication with your lawyer so you can also manage your expectations.

Just remember that if you know in yourself that you haven’t done anything wrong, you’re the one who’ll rise up from this situation with a smile. Just follow these tips and keep a clear head and the whole process will turn in your favor.