5 Things Your Dentist Would Like You to Know

Dental Health For some reason, many people are terrified of visiting a dentist. Maybe it is because of the loud drills or uncomfortable mouth examination or whatever it is, majority of the public would rather not do it. If you think it is all fun and games for the dentists, the truth is they share the same sentiments.

In fact, there are things they’d want you to do and stop doing to make your visit a pleasant experience for both of you.

1. You’re doing the brushing the wrong way.

Dentists at mahoneydds.com  agree that many of their patients are not following the basic rules of brushing which leaves plaque and germs around your teeth. Their advice is to follow these three steps: Brush your teeth and gums for two minutes and in a circular way, do it twice a day, then change toothbrush every three months.

2. Oral cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancer.

Based on the recent data, there are a growing number of people who are suffering from oral cancer. Most cases would’ve been prevented if only they notice the warning signs as early as possible.

3. Exercise and other strenuous activities might not be good for your teeth.

Sweating too much may cause dehydration and limit the production of saliva. This may invite more bacteria and germs, so be sure you’re hydrated. Drink water and avoid soda or sweet beverages because these will make you thirstier.

4. Bleeding or bumps in your gums are bad signs.

Vigorous brushing session is the usual cause of these conditions. However, if you notice swelling or inflammation, it is important to immediately seek out your dentist.

5. The mouth is still part of your “body.”

Many assume that mouth is an isolated area of the body. However, when something’s wrong, it is often can be seen through the mouth.

A regular visit to the dentist is not something you should be afraid of. In fact, this is your best option to maintain a healthy mind and body. As mentioned above, your dental health means so much more than you imagine. So if you want to continuously flash your sweetest smile, make it a habit to visit your dentist and take care of your teeth.