5 Tips on Choosing the Best Wedding Favors

Happily married couple celebrating with familyIt’s important to appreciate the guests who attend your wedding. But how do you show your gratitude in a way that will delight your guests without spending a fortune? Here are some tips on how to choose quality and have a great impact yet inexpensive wedding favors:

Keep your wedding favors sweet

You can never go wrong with edible wedding favors. Some cookies, doughnuts, and cupcakes can be a sweet delight for your guests. You can also buy some popcorn in bulk for the guests who would love some snack on their way home. Companies such as Grand Rapids Popcorn Company can help you with that.

Give them gifts they can keep

Non-edible wedding favors can serve as souvenirs for your big day. Choose favors your guests can use or display at home. When they see or use your gift, they will remember your wedding and appreciate your thoughtful souvenir.

Consider the venue

Will you be saying “I do” in a garden, at the countryside, or at the beach? Depending on the wedding venue, choose favors that will be useful to your guests as they join you in the celebration. If your chosen venue is a hot beach, for instance, some classy and functional hand fans can keep your guests cool and leave them feeling appreciated.

Consider your wedding theme

Use key elements from the ceremony and reception decor to weave into the wedding favors. For instance, make sure your favors have colors that complement your theme.

Make the presentation special

A spectacular presentation will impress your guests. To make your wedding favors stand out, wrap them in a colorful paper, adorn them with bows, and top with gorgeous stickers and other ornaments.

You don’t have to break the bank to express your gratitude. What matters is that your gifts are well thought of, meaningful, and useful. Good thing there are many edible delights or keepsake wedding favors that can satisfy your guests.