A Cheat Sheet for Camping Essentials

CampingIf you are a nature-lover, then you know what it’s like to be camping out in the wild, cooking your food under the star-lit nighttime sky and sleeping under the trees with fireflies around. Of course, not everyone likes the idea of being out in the wilderness, but for some, this is the closest they can get to Mother Nature. You might find that camping is one great way to de-stress and immerse yourself in the wonderful warmth and relaxing atmosphere of nature.

If this is your first time to go camping, here are a few reminders for you to prepare:

Know Where You’ll Camp

Unless you like absolute adventure where you will be camping wherever your feet will lead you, it is always a good idea to learn something about the place where you are going to camp. Is it accessible by vehicles or will it require some trekking or hiking uphill? Is it located near a body of water, a river, or even a lake perhaps? Or is it located deep in the forest in which case you will really have to prepare for it.

Prepare Your Camping Gear

Make sure that you have the correct camping gear. That would mean a tent, a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, a headlamp, a lantern, and rope. Of course don’t forget to bring stakes for your tent. It may also be wise to bring additional jacket, a poncho, or even a windbreaker. Your handy pocket Swiss army knife might come in handy. Flashlight and compass are also quite useful.

Since this is going to be your first, you do not necessarily need to buy new equipment. Industry professional Apres Party and Tent Rental suggests checking out camping equipment and tent rental in Minneapolis. Perhaps renting is much better than buying, as you can use the tent if you’re going to organize a party.

Prepare your Emergency Kit

Antihistamines, painkillers, bug spray, bandages, wound antiseptics, wound dressings, and your personal medications should all be contained in your emergency kit. If you are not familiar with what it should contain, then just go to your nearest camping outfit and ask for a complete first aid kit.

Review Some Basic Ground Rules for Camping

There are certain rules that you need to understand when camping. Generally, it all boils down to respecting Mother Nature and as such you are not supposed to throw or leave your garbage anywhere in the woods or in the campsite. In addition, never leave any live embers, as this can start out a fire. In which case, you should be able to put out, lest it spread like wildfire.

Camping is one way to get up close and personal with Mother Nature. If you prepare well, you might well enjoy it and make it a regular pastime for you.