A Modern Approach to House Building: Narrow Lots

Narrow Lot HouseIn a world where the word “more” is always in the mainstream for house designs, bigger does not always mean better. Narrow lot house plans are all the rage these days, promoting a more modern setup that is both space- and cost-efficient.

Here are some of the reasons Urban Homes believe you should go for small house plans as opposed to large house plans that just cost too much.

Lower Building Costs

It is common knowledge that the building costs are going to be a nightmare for you if you choose to build a big house. You would have to worry about buying a huge patch of land and have to pay millions just to have it built. Architects and builders never charge cheap. With small house plans, not only do you save money on land price, but you also save money on building costs. Not to mention your architect will definitely have a good home design for you since the house is smaller and easier to work with.

Barely Needs Maintenance

With big houses, land prices and building costs are only the beginning of your problems. Once you have your house built, the real nightmare is maintaining the place. That means you have to check more regularly around the house for any damages to the wiring, the plumbing, and so on. With small houses, it is easier to handle with less hassle because it occupies a smaller space. Smaller spaces mean less maintenance as compared to bigger spaces.

Save Money

All houses, whether big or small, have utilities. Utility costs are only cheap if you barely use them. This is much worse in big houses. Big houses use a staggering rate as compared to small houses due to their size. It means there are more rooms using electricity and water.

With small houses, depending on the size, you are sure to save money on utility usage. Not to mention it normally keeps room temperatures at optimal condition more efficiently than big houses. Your small house would practically be paying for itself in the savings you get from utility costs.

Given that small houses do not exactly have the size advantage, they save you a lot of money and can still look modern and luxurious with the right touch.