Air Conditioning Filter: Essential Part of Heating and Air Conditioning

Air conditioner

Among the different parts of an air conditioner, the filter is considered t one of the most important ones. Without this, the system will become contaminated with dust and other particles, and the air you breathe will become filled with impurities.

According to air conditioning specialists, all parts of the air conditioner —ranging from the ducts up to the refrigerant —will require a clean filter to offer the best quality cooled air.

Low Energy Expenditure

A clean air conditioning filter can lead to lower energy costs, as it will provide better cooling efficiency to the unit. Compare that with a dirty filter, and what you’ll get is a system struggling to churn out cool air. This will result in higher energy expenditure and shortened life span of the unit.

Air conditioner

Regular Maintenance

Clean the air conditioning filter every month or once every couple of months for residential cooling systems. For commercial units or those used for industrial purposes, the frequency of filter replacement should be at least once every couple of weeks. If you do this regularly, you’ll enjoy many health benefits for your family or employees. Not only will you see lesser asthma attacks and allergies, but you’ll also make sure your unit is running optimally.

Filter Ratings

The filter’s capacity to clean is defined by its MERV rating or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The rule of thumb is that the greater the value from 1 to 12, the better it is at removing pollutants from the environment. Most filters can screen out impurities that measure 3 to 10 microns.

Proper Usage

When using a filter for your air conditioning system, place it in the appropriate location provided by the arrow printed on the filter. The air must flow in the right direction, so it would work as designed. It’s also important to attain a perfect seal to prevent unfiltered air from contaminating the air conditioner. Minus the seal, the filter won’t work as it should.

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