All About Headstones: Deciding on the Right One

Deciding on the right headstone

Bidding goodbye to a loved one is not an easy task, especially if that goodbye is a permanent one. Death might be a taboo for most, but how people handle the memories of the departed and make sure they are not forgotten is an important topic.

People invest their time and effort in finding the right headstones in Taylorsville for a variety of reasons. Looking deeper into the reason people choose headstones carefully can help you better understand its importance and help you make the right choice when the time comes.

Importance of a headstone

More than aesthetic purposes, headstones serve to memorialize a loved one. Therefore, choosing one that will depict the life lived of the deceased is important. This is the reason loved ones take time in choosing the perfect headstone. A good degree of investment is also needed to find the right one.


There are different types of headstones — upright, flat, kerbed, and cremation memorials. An upright is the most traditional one. It’s usually 45 inches tall and six inches deep. A flat headstone is embedded to the ground or is slightly raised up to the rear. A kerbed, on the other hand, is a full-length headstone that lies flat at ground level. Lastly, cremation memorials are like upright headstones. The only difference is they have a container to put in the remains.


Headstones are usually made with durable materials like granite, marble, bronze, and limestone. Granite and limestone are the most flexible and durable, making them the most common choice. Marble gives a fine finish, but is not allowed in all burial grounds due to durability issues. Bronze is durable, but is known to be the more expensive option.


What you will write on the inscription is a personal choice. People choose to keep it short, sweet, and something that will remember the deceased by. The name, date of birth, and date of death are also usually included.

Choosing a headstone is both heartbreaking and fulfilling. Invest your time and effort in finding the right one for your loved one.