Amazing Staircases Installed in Public Establishments

Stainless Steel StaircaseStainless steel staircases are considered as the top elements found in contemporary establishments and homes today. Architects work with top-notch steel fabricators to ensure they will work to attain their dream designs.

Many of these wonderful stairs are installed in strategic places such as:

Smith Creek Pedestrian Bridge

Not all elegant staircase designs are found inside structures. Some of them are found outdoors like on the Smith Creek Pedestrian Bridge. The entire pedestrian bridge is installed using steel bars that look sturdier than the usual pedestrian bridge. There are two elements on this bridge. One is the mini staircase on the side for pedestrians that also have stainless steel and other steel materials. The main bridge is inclined and works as an inclined plane for bikes or disabled people.

The planks used for the bridge are made from aluminium, titanium, zinc and stainless steel, says The materials combined in making the bridge and stair require special services from stainless steel fabricators to achieve the look.

National University Library

The National University Library in Strasbourg, France has undergone design rehabilitation and has its interior design changed, including the staircase. The stairs serve as the center of attention with its unique look. Rather than following the typical design, the library’s stairs have stainless steel cables. The cables measure over 27 meters from the dome that are connected to the edges by the treads. They give the stairs the illusion that it’s hanging from the building’s dome down to the floor. Complementing the steel cables are the contemporary-themed stair treads that look great.

Unknown Establishment

One unknown establishment shows off an elegant staircase that exudes contemporary appeal. Rather than having bare handrails and frames, the stair comes with stainless steel exterior walls polished to perfection. This shiny surface is complemented by the red treads and interior walls that exude elegance. Its design complements the unknown establishment’s contemporary design.

Many stainless steel fabricators offer unmatched services that guarantee clients they will get the design according to their plans. With the fabricators’ expertise, clients will also get durable staircases that will suit commercial establishments’ design preferences that attract clients.