Are You Experiencing Toothache? Get Rid of It with These Endodontic Procedures

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Few discomforts can equal that of excruciating tooth pain. Dental pain is, unfortunately, a widespread phenomenon worldwide. Fortunately, there are various endodontic procedures aimed at alleviating this pain. These procedures deal with the pulp tissue of your tooth where the nerves are located.

You can hence be sure that endodontics treatment in a Springville dental office will leave you pain-free. There are different treatments available for you depending on your issue. Here are some of the common endodontic procedures.

Root Canal Treatments

These treatments are aimed at alleviating issues with inflammation and infection in the tooth’s pulp. These are typically a result of cracks or chips in the tooth, deep dental decay and dental trauma.

In root canal treatment, your dentist will remove the inflamed or diseased pulp tissue, and then clean the space left and fill it. After some time, you will return to the dentists for restoration procedures like crown placement which restore your tooth’s proper function.

Endodontic Retreatment

Sometimes, root canal treatments do not heal as intended due to different factors most notably improper care. New tooth fractures or loose, broken or crowned restorations might also expose healed root canal treatments to infection.

If your root canal treatment develops any issues, you can get treatment again. Endodontic retreatment involves re-doing a root canal procedure.

Endodontic Surgery

Sometimes surgery is essential to locate hidden canals and small fractures which cause considerable dental pain. Endodontic surgery can also be a treatment option of damaged root surfaces and removal of calcium deposits. Apicoectomy is the most common endodontic surgical procedure.

Without prompt treatment of dental fractures, deep decay and other issues which leave your pulp exposed, abscess formation in your tooth will be the eventuality.

Other than the excruciating pain associated with a dental abscess, your overall health is at risk of cardiac disease from the bacteria. With these treatment options, however, cardiac disease and other grave eventualities need not be your story.