Awnings: From Store Protection to a Marketing Piece

Store awning

Awnings may look like a simple way of providing shade and protecting your store from the elements, but these installations are a great opportunity to market your business. From simply serving as protection from the heat of the sun or a steady rain shower, awnings today have transformed into a marketing piece, helping promote companies.

Working like Signage

Awnings work like signage. If your business is based in Western Australia, awning companies in Perth, Joondalup, or Albany can help you come up with a design that features your business name, address, and even your tag line.

Awnings can deliver your marketing message effectively by catching the attention of passers-by. They can elicit brand recognition by emphasising symbols, graphics, and words associated with your business. They can also promote impulse purchases, working as point-of-sale advertising.

Store awning

Staying Away from the Ordinary

Over time, storefront awnings have become more durable and colourful. Bright pink, hot red, sunny yellow – people use different colours and create engaging designs to make them as attractive as possible. More durable materials, such as aluminium and steel, have also been used to ensure safe passage of customers in and out of the establishment.

These innovations sometimes pose a design challenge, though.If you want to be noticed, you need to stand out from the rest. Think outside of the box and choose a design that will make a distinct impression on customers.

Less is More, in Most Cases

Storefront awnings are the first thing customers see, so it’s very tempting to put a lot of information on them. Doing so, however, can do more harm than good. Too much information can make it look crowded, which won’t be pleasing to the eyes.

When creating a design, always remember to keep it simple and easy to read. Include only what’s needed; use as few words as possible, so you can communicate your intended message to your customers clearly.

Awnings can help you promote business—but only if you design it right. To come up with an engaging and eye-catching design, work with awning companies like The Blinds Gallery, partner with experienced graphic designers, and visit the website of Flying Solo or StartupSmart for some helpful tips and advice.