Basic Tips on How to Repair Your Furnace

If your furnace is not working, you need to check it and understand what the problem is. However, you may not know how to fix the issue. Here are helpful tips on using basic troubleshooting techniques of furnace repair. Lehi and other towns have many repair services that could help you.

Basic furnace maintenance

At least once every year, vacuum the area surrounding the blower of your furnace. The fan unit needs to be slid out and cleaned properly. Make sure to search for any oil ports on the motor. You can usually find these near the shaft. If there are oil ports, do put about three drops of motor oil (non-detergent) into the ports. Make sure to regularly clean your furnace.

What to do with a gas leak?

Once you catch a whiff of a gas leak, make sure not to power on any switches. Also, avoid lighting any match. Immediately leave the area and keep the door open. The gas supply valve must be turned off. Do this by rotating the valve using a wrench by a quarter turn. Once off, the oblong stem of the valve must point to the inlet pipe perpendicularly. Then contact your fire department or gas utility company.

What to do when there is no gas flame?

If you are using a pilot lighted furnace that refuses to remain lit, the problem may be due to a loose thermocouple. It is also possible that the culprit is a clogged pilot orifice or the flame is set low. The clogged orifice can easily be cleared using a thin wire. Make sure to first power off the furnace gas and the circuit breaker that powers the furnace. Using a thin wire, poke the orifice where the flame burns to remove any debris. If there is still no light, do contact furnace repair service in Lehi or the one available in your locality.

Being able to repair your furnace saves you money. It also allows you to solve the problem in a few minutes without having to wait for a technician. But if the problem is serious, it is best to call the professionals to deal with the problem.