Beautify Your Site: What You Should Consider in Starting a Website

Web Design AestheticsAre you planning to put up a website anytime soon? Do you have an idea of how you’d like your website to look like? Will you be hiring a web design specialist for this? Will you let them do the design for you or do you have your own plan?

For something that is based on the internet, like a blog or an online shop, it is important to take into account what will be pleasing to your target audience. Many users base their impression of the website they visit on its aesthetics – content being the secondary consideration. In Perth, there are a lot of web design companies that specialise in both web design and SEO. If you want your website to be always on top, make sure that your keywords are well-curated and your website is well-designed.

A. Color

Nowadays, minimalism is the trend among Millennials. Gone were the days when bright, sparkly, glittery multi colours are the go-to concept in driving awareness among the audience. Today, internet users are more drawn to designs that have either pastel hues, black and/or white, or the use of one colour. This practice is not only pleasing to the eyes; it also gives the website a sense of organisation and sophistication.

B. Pictures

We live in a world where pictures play a vital role in sending messages and making things more comprehensible. Pictures attract attention, especially those that are beautifully taken and laid out. Keep in mind that if you decide to use a lot of photos on your site, you should use a layout template for easy viewing.

C. Font

Pick a font that is easy to read. Don’t use overly fancy fonts that will force your audience to adjust their computer resolution just to clearly see your content. 

D. Navigation

Make sure that your website is explore-friendly. Your main menu has to be positioned where it can be easily seen. You don’t want your website visitors to lose patience and leave your page without looking through it because your site is too difficult to navigate.

Friendly tip: Less is always more.