Before Signing: Things Your Landscaping Contract Should Have

amazing garden landscaping with small pond in the middle

Signing something without reading, only to get into trouble later on, is a common scene in movies. After all, it’s your signature on the contract and it can be used as a legitimate evidence in court. The lesson? Always read what you sign. This does not only apply to huge business and legal contracts, it also applies to your landscape maintenance service ones.

Whether it is for your residential or commercial grounds care, understanding the contract that you and your chosen agency agreed upon is a must. To make things easier, here are three points you need to look for before signing your name on the paper:

1. Schedule

Your office garden is already drowning in weed and your contractor is still not showing up. When this happens, refer back to your contract and see the schedule you have agreed. More often than not, services and inclusions are the main goals of having a contract, but having an agreed schedule stated in the paper is also important. Make sure dates and schedule of maintenance is present before signing.

2. Pricing

Agencies price their services differently, depending on the services they provide. Have an agreed pricing early and sign it. Any additional charges that the agencies will ask you should be something that is present in the contract. Be careful with clauses that indicate additional payments for certain kinds of services. Make sure all these terms are laid down in black and white.

3. Service inclusions and limitations

Know the scope of the work to be done. Also, watch out for exit clauses and the liability that you or the company should bear if there are unforeseen circumstances. If you are not satisfied with the inclusions and services, do not sign it. Asking to change some points and clauses in the contract before signing is always better than signing it and being tied up with something you do not agree with.

Landscaping is as serious as your business. Make sure you sign a contract that you would not regret. Always take time to read and understand before affixing your signature.