Before You Trip on Pavements, Try Gravel Binding

Gravel BindingEveryone has had or will soon have their unfortunate incident with gravel pavements.

While they’re nice to look at, you can’t exactly put 100% of your confidence while walking on them because outdoor paving areas are unstable grounds.

Most of the time, gravel pavements are simply the result of a clumsy remedy to a construction planning error or a decision made by investors gone wrong.

However, when people trip over and sustain an injury while on the property, the matter becomes an entirely different story.

Establishment owners and park owners who have gravel-type walkways are often forced to make the costly decision of replacing entire strips of land for better footing.

While this is doable, it’s not something smart, especially if there’s already a sustainable alternative in the form of gravel binder.

A Cost-Effective Replacement to Excavating Patches of Land

Gravel binders enable rough and corrugated ground composite materials like gravel to become solid while preserving its texture. The binding solution is highly suitable for driveways and pavement areas that are already integrated to a property.

So, instead of overhauling gravel and other stones with 6 to 20mm grades, pouring a binder solution can easily resolve the problem of ground quality.

A solid gravel binder also provides the following advantages:

  • 10 – 15 years life design cohesiveness
  • Can be made to create new pathways  
  • Permeable hard surface to avoid flooding
  • Bonded ground finish and gloss look while wet
  • Reduce waste by binding loose gravel and crushed minerals
  • Effective in all gravel, crushed rock, and recycle aggregate composite

Types of Surface Application

Depending on the existing ground surface material, the application of a gravel binder may vary in terms of volume. In general, a binder solution works great with:

  • Asphalt
  • Pavements (gravel, sand, crushed rock, etc.)
  • Concrete

While unnoticed, tripping and falling accidents mostly occur on surfaces that don’t provide an adequate enough footing. Therefore, the next time pavement sticks out and attempts to catch you or someone else off guard, prevent the fall with gravel binding.