Billing Methods Applicable in Court Cases

Court CasesWhenever people are facing criminal offenses, the last thing they want to do is pursuing justice in court on their own. The process of proofing an accused person innocent requires the assistance of a competent criminal lawyer. However, cost is a major aspect that people consider when looking for a lawyer. The cost of hiring an attorney depends on their forms of billing. 

Discover a few billing forms you expect from different lawyers and what they entail.

Hourly rates

The client and the lawyer need to agree whether the hourly fees would be paid in a single lump sum or periodically once the case is over. The time in hours, which the criminal lawyer includes in their charging pattern, is called billable time. The experience and expertise levels of the attorney are responsible for the varying hourly rates. Before the client agrees on the hourly rate, they should ask the lawyer to estimate the billable hours that the entire legal process requires.

Flat rates explains that in a flat rate agreement, the client and lawyer agree on a specific amount before the lawyer proceeds with the case. Most lawyers prefer flat rates because they are paid up upfront and the transaction involved is simple. The lawyer assesses the nature of the legal work ahead and calculates the fee amount the client will pay in relation to the efforts and time involved. If the case takes a shorter time than the lawyer had anticipated, they can still retain the money unless the client changes their mind. Conversely, if the case demands more time and efforts than the calculated ones, they should not demand more money.

Contingent fees

Here, the client meets the expenses incurred when the case is being brought to court. However, other lawsuit expenses, rewards and risks are shared between the lawyer and the client. Though the sharing aspect is negotiable, it’s a source of frequent client-lawyer conflicts. In this payment form, most Perth criminal lawyers receive a certain percent of what has been recovered and it’s mostly used in cases seeking money damages.

Most clients complain later that the legal process was expensive because they didn’t inquire about the payment methods before the cases begin. It’s important to agree with your lawyer the payment method that would be fair to both of you.