Building Quality Websites for Companies of Any Size

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Regardless of its size, a company’s online presence will help determine its success in today’s competitive market. The demand for increased online presence has grown exponentially in recent years. This has helped sprout a number of web design options for the companies to choose from.

Small businesses may find it difficult to compete with other, more established businesses without a proper website. They need to hire a good web design firm for small businesses that can produce desired results. The following are specific set of queries that you should answer before hiring one:

  • The purpose of your website – As most of professionals in the market specialize in specific categories of website development, it’s important to define the purpose first. Identify your objectives, whether it’s to distribute content, write, build a community engagement, sell a product or offer a service.
  • Medium of hiring – Professionals can be hired through referrals, agencies or from freelance marketplace. Agencies may be pricier, but they have more to offer. If you have a good network, then referrals is the best option. With the last option, you’ll have to go through a lot of trial and error, as there are too many people claiming to be experts in the field.

Woman using computer

Several UK companies specialize in web design for small businesses. After shortlisting potential companies, follow these steps:

  • Look at their previous work. Concentrate on their level of professionalism, latest styles, patterns, and user interfaces.
  • Check for accessibility of the site created from all browsers. The alignment, readability, and text consistency should be the same.
  • Examine the logic behind their chosen layouts and pages.
  • See if they can create sites that can be loaded on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • Look at the number of projects they’re currently working on. Also, ask how much time they can dedicate to your project.