Can You Still Get the Perfect Selfie Wearing Braces in North London?

Woman smiling with braces

Getting the perfect selfie is an art form. People must pick the right lighting, the angle, the filter and the platform and then watch the likes roll in. It’s a fun way to share moments with friends and family whether they’re near or far. But what if someone needs to wear braces in North London? Does it mean that their selfie-taking days are over for the duration of their treatment? Not necessarily if they approach things in the right way.

Patients should feel free to talk to their dentist about the impact that braces in North London could have on their look. A dentist like Denchic Dental Spa may be able to give them options to style or discreetly hide their teeth-straightening equipment. The bottom line is that there are two ways to go when thinking about braces selfies. One way is to artfully hide the equipment. The other is to flaunt it.

The discretion route

There are a number of options for braces in North London that have less impact on the look than traditional metal fixtures. These might be thin and completely see-through – like Invisalign or they could simply be blended more artfully in with the colour of the teeth like Six Month Smiles. Either way, with the right pose, it’s easy for someone to take a photo of themselves wearing these types of braces without anyone being able to see them.

The ‘flaunt it’ route

These days, there’s not much stigma around braces for young people. Many will quite happily share their teeth-straightening journey on social media, so they can track the results and garner a bit of support along the way. It can be a sign of strength for someone to flash their braces and show that they are taking control of their look. Both Six Month Smiles and Invisalign have a big social media presence where they are constantly showing off the adults and teenagers who are working with their respective methods. Both brands rely on the smooth visual impact of their equipment to market their offerings. Someone who knows this is happy to grin away on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat to their heart’s content during their treatment.