Car Engine Problems and the Right Way to Address Them

A mechanic checking a car

Proper maintenance is indeed important in keeping car troubles at bay. This is one of the primary reasons automobile manufacturers strongly recommend it, alongside bringing the vehicle in for routine maintenance and inspection. However, you also need to understand that like everything else that’s comprised of mechanical and electrical parts, your car isn’t impervious to damages.

There will come a time that its engine will break down sooner if you underestimate the potential effects of Salt Lake City’s weather on your ride. The good news is there are many things you can do to make these problems develop later than sooner. One of these is knowing when to bring it to a professional auto repair service.

Clicking noises when starting the engine

These sounds typically indicate that your car battery has an issue. In many cases, all you will hear are these noises. Other than that, the engine won’t start. In the event that these clicks come with a cranking engine but still won’t start, then you most likely have a fuel or ignition trouble.

There are many possible causes behind these occurrences. The most common, however, include a discharged or low battery, damaged or detached battery cables, ignition switch/starter motor failure, faulty fuel pump, and clogged fuel filter among many others.

Overheating engine

An overheating engine is another common problem when it comes to car engines. For the most part, a low supply of coolant is the culprit. This, in turn, may have resulted from a leak. You need to address this issue as soon as possible, as frequent overheating can lead not only to serious engine malfunctions, but extensive and expensive damages too.

Proper maintenance, combined with a prompt response to early indications of vehicle problems, can make all the difference in your ride’s performance and safety. This applies to every vehicle out there: regardless of how old it is or the price you paid for it.