Changing Your AC Unit? Don’t Choose an Oversized Appliance

Many homeowners who need a new air conditioning unit think that a bigger appliance can provide better cooling. The sad part is this is only a misconception. An oversized AC can lead to a host of problems, including uneven temperatures, higher utility bills, and increased mold and dust mites.

Here’s why you shouldn’t choose and install an oversized air conditioning unit:

  • Excessive on and off cycling. Frequent starting and stopping of your AC could lead to more wear and tear. This can also contribute to more breakdowns, shorter lifespan, and higher repair bills. A correctly sized unit is likely to last longer and provide efficient cooling.
  • Poor air distribution. As a bigger unit frequently turns on and off, other rooms don’t get enough warm or cool air. St. Louis air conditioning installation experts note that a properly sized AC promotes even and uniform temperatures and minimizes comfort-related problems.
  • Noisier operation. An oversized AC needs to move more air and operate at high duct pressures. This may result in noisy and strong blasts of cold or warm air. There’s also a high possibility of more duct leakage. This is not a common problem with a correctly sized unit, which usually operates quieter and promotes better indoor air quality.

If you want to cool your home immediately, like when you get back from work, investing in a bigger AC is not a cost-effective solution. A better move is to install a programmable thermostat. This enables you to begin cooling your abode a few hours before you return from work. This is more cost-effective than spending your money on a bigger air conditioner.

It’s good to know that a right-sized AC can run for hours at maximum comfort and efficiency. Regular maintenance and cleaning can also help prolong its lifespan. If your current AC can’t keep your house comfortable, you may or may not need a bigger unit. Work with reliable AC contractor to determine the best AC size for your home.