Child Abuse and Neglect: How These Happen in the First Place

Child being abused by his dadChild abuse and neglect remain to be among the most uncomfortable topics of discussion in many parts of the world, including the United States. However, this doesn’t eliminate the fact that they are also some of the country’s biggest problems.

To help protect children, the local and federal governments have in place rigorous and strict laws that, when violated, will result in severe punishment. But not everyone accused of such behaviors and actions is actually guilty. It’s for this reason that when facing such a lawsuit, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire a criminal defense lawyer specializing in child abuse and/or neglect cases, according to

How and when child abuse and neglect take place

Child abuse and neglect, according to the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA), occur when the action or inaction of a parent or legal caretaker leads to the exploitation, serious physical or emotional endangerment, sexual abuse, or death of a child. Any of the two could also have occurred when the aforementioned adults commit something (or fail to) that puts the child at great risk of serious endangerment.

The acts and activities that lead to child abuse lawsuits

Under the state’s child abuse and neglect laws, parents or caretakers violate said regulations when they inflict a physical injury that leads to the child suffering from impaired physical and/or emotional health; loss of or impaired bodily functions; and disfigurement. Torture, or allowing someone else to torture the child, as well as infliction of excessive corporal punishment, are also considered child abuse.

These are just some of the reasons behind people receiving lawsuits for child abuse. The punishment associated with them is extremely severe, so it’s important that you have a lawyer to defend you when facing such a case. An Illinois criminal attorney with significant experience in this area can help you build a strong defense to prove your innocence.