Cloud Migration: Helpful Tips to Ensure Success

Cloud MigrationMigrating to the cloud tends to be among the most challenging tasks any corporation will have to go through because of the many stakeholders involved. With the rising correlation between businesses and IT systems, the IT team should know how to start the process and pull it off efficiently. 

Below are LoadSpring‘s tips to aid in ensuring a smooth cloud migration:

Recognize your Current Situation

An advanced and comprehensive plan for project management is crucial and this should involve a test plan. You should first perform a test migration prior to the real one to help you determine any unforeseen issues that your team could plan for.

Get Everyone On Board

Make certain that your migration team is staffed properly, meaning that they have the proper experience and skills relative to the project’s scope and involved applications. This likewise involves main stakeholders that will be using the new applications and systems, as well as all technical experts working in security, support, and database technology among others.

Determine the Project Scope

To ensure a successful cloud migration, you have to accurately define the project scope in advance. It’s likewise important to understand the timeline and estimated cost of the entire project. Ideally, don’t clean up existing systems and migrate all at once since this should be done separately, in two projects.

Proper Scheduling

This involves creating an accurate and specific event schedule in order that all stakeholders and relevant parties who’ll be using the new system will understand how big of a change the project really is. This likewise involves making a comprehensive contingency strategy in case anything goes wrong while implementing the new system.

Plan in Advance

You also have to make sure that issues such as performance, governance, and security are planned for right from the start and are not just mere afterthoughts. Additionally, ensure that your team has the resources to help manage the cloud when it goes live.

Remember, the problems that crop up during a cloud migration could be the ones that were actually expected or ones that were not entirely understood until they’re noticed once migration progresses. Keep these tips in mind for a more efficient and hassle-free migration to the cloud.