Colocation Data Centers: Cost Effective and Reliable


Many organizations worldwide provide colocation services, otherwise known as “colo.” These services are available in different price ranges and options. When you go for colocation services offered by a data center, you get to own the servers, the routers and the different hardware systems that belong to the vendor.

Before going for colo services, understand the differences between wholesale and retail colo providers. Wholesale providers usually deal with huge spaces with cooling and power infrastructure. The servers, racks, cables and all the gears come from the customer. Retail colocation providers, on the other hand, deal with smaller spaces and even cages or individual servers. But, you can get more help when it comes to the set-up for an extra price.

The Data Center Journal, the leading publication for data center professionals, discusses the following benefits of collocation services:

Better Connectivity

data centerNetwork connections provided by colocation centers are usually fully redundant. So, you can be assured that your business applications will always run uninterrupted.

100% Network Security

Data centers that offer colocation services provide 100% network security with the latest IDS systems and firewalls. This will be helpful in preventing unauthorized access to your systems.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

A data center that provides colocation services is equipped with multiple power grids, double battery backup systems, diesel power generators and excellent maintenance practices.

Bursting Capability

When you go with colocation services, you can increase your bandwidth levels if your traffic demand is high. There is no need to make any capital investments, too. The data centers distribute data spikes across a number of users, so their bandwidth costs get reduced significantly.

Growth Opportunities

When your company grows, you may have to invest more to expand your infrastructure. But, you may not have to do this if you go with colocation services. The IT infrastructure of colocation data centers will automatically expand to support your business.

With the kind of support and infrastructure you can get from colocation data centers, your business has a great chance of growing without the need for any additional investment.

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