Combining Offline and Online Marketing for an Effective Campaign

Online MarketingIt is not enough to have a responsive and beautiful website, nor it’s enough to have good word of mouth advertising. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, companies need to create and maintain their competitive advantage. To do this, businesses must use all the channels available to them. Integrating both online and offline marketing is one way to achieve success.

Offline Trial, Online Purchase

An online advertising agency in Melbourne, Sphere, cites that customers need to experience the products or services they want to offer to improve the possibility of conversion. Any business can just post items online and even create fake reviews. People are smarter because they have access to different sources of information before they make a decision.

To cite an example of a company that successfully allowed customers to try offline and buy online is Warby Parker. The brand sells prescription glasses and sunglasses; they took an innovative approach to selling their products. The company overlapped providing consumers with an offline experience, without sacrificing their online endeavours. They sent multiple frames through mail for potential customers to try. This strategy was successful and has helped the business reach a value of more than $1.2 billion.

Live Chat

Adding a human touch to a website gives it a personal appeal and less robotic. Getting an automated reply isn’t the same as an actual person replying. This feature on your site allows a potential customer to learn more about your products and services.

Call to Action

A TV or newspaper ad with a call to action directed to your website or online store allows you to reach a wider market because consumers of both mediums are different. This also shows potential customers that they have an online option when it comes to making a purchase, which allows them to buy at their convenience.

Integrating online with your offline marketing is difficult to do, but it is possible with the right team or with the help of a third-party agency.