Cost Considerations When Choosing Outdoor Fireplaces

To most homeowners in Salt Lake City, having an outdoor fireplace has become more of a necessity than a luxury addition. Since many varieties on the market attempt to make outdoor fireplaces match other architectural features in residential properties, you will find it useful first to examine particular factors that could affect your choice.

Cladding Material

Among the many cladding materials available for outdoor fireplaces, stone integrates well with many homes because the majority of the homes incorporate stone in their structures and pavements. However, using a high-quality stone material is quite expensive, but, if that will strain your budget, you can opt for a cheaper cladding material.


Typically, the hearth refers to the floor of the fireplace box. An extended hearth can create more space in front of the fireplace, which offers an excellent seating surface closer to the heat source for extra comfort during the cold months. However, for safety reasons, you should ensure there are only non-combustible materials on the hearth.

Extra Utilities

Gas and electrical fireplaces need a pipe to the utility connection in the house, but wood fireplaces might not need utility connections. The further the point of utility connections, the more it will cost you in labor and material.


The size of your fireplace determines the cost of your fireplace as a larger fireplace requires more materials, accessories, and labor. It is better to have a large fireplace for fuel efficiency. A smaller fireplace might require you to cut wood into small pieces, and may not produce enough heat to keep your home warm.

In general, the overall cost of most outdoor fireplace designs in Salt Lake City narrows down to the size, type, and method of fabrication you specify. Defining these specifications will give you an approximate value of how much your outdoor fireplace will cost.