Creating Concert Backdrops: A Few Ideas

Concert EventThere are so many ways to make a concert event a truly wonderful experience, a happening where you could lose yourself in the moment. But the first and often the most remarkable part of a concert setup — apart from the talent onstage, of course — is the backdrop. Like the quality of the audio and the lighting, the backdrop is part of the overall package that makes the experience unique and memorable.

Here are some ideas to help you set up a great concert backdrop.

Use a Lot of Cloth

Cloth backdrops are perhaps some of the most popular options and for good reason. Cloth can either make the stage subdued or colorful. It can work with the lights to define a particular mood. Megan Duckett, the former event organizer and now the owner of concert backdrop company Sew What?, uses a lot of cloth to achieve different effects desired by A-list musicians like John Legend and the Foo Fighters.

Use Scaffolding

The popular rock band U2 has used this effect to great success. Scaffolding on their own can serve as a backdrop to a concert, especially if it’s a rock act. Call a company offering scaffolding accessories online and ask if they can accommodate your request. Make sure to fasten and secure the scaffolding properly, however, so there are no risks of your setup toppling over during the event, reminds a personnel from

Use What’s Already There

Sometimes the best backdrop is what’s already there. Instead of building the backdrop, search for it. Make like Kenny Loggins’s Outside from the Redwoods Concert. Make the place the backdrop: trees, a lake, a building, or whatever coincides with the theme of the concert or the style of the artist.

There are many ways to make a concert a hit, but don’t forget how the backdrop completes the experience.