Creative Social Tactics: 3 Secrets to Turning Complaints into Compliments

onlinePositive interactions online is important to improve your business’s image. Not every interaction, however, may start positively.

The first thing you should do to maintain good online reputation is to monitor any discussion about your business online. Should a customer leave negative feedback on your website or social media account, other visitors will see it. Handling these poorly will not just hurt your reputation, but also client trust.

Here are a few tricks on how to turn a complaint into a compliment.

Stop the issue from growing

Respond quickly, but thoughtfully, to any positive or negative comment. If you don’t, people will think you don’t care about their concerns. While you do not need to monitor your social media sites every hour of every day, you can respond within 24 hours. In today’s world of social media, customers have an easier way to express their views about a company. Online marketing experts, such as Voodoo Creative and Search Engine Watch, recommend treating commenter’s with respect and making them feel that their concerns are on your priorities.

Understand their reasons

It’s frustrating to see people talk negatively about your brand, but you have to let them talk in a civil way. There are many reasons people leave a negative comment on your site. Some leave insulting comments to gain attention or anger other people. When dealing with upset customers, keep in mind that you are more knowledgeable about your industry, products and services than they are. What seems like basic information for you is difficult to understand for them. Be patient and understanding.

Turn things around

Change the negative perception about your business. Say someone complains that they have never received their order. Instead of ignoring the complaint, contact the customer. Let them know you are sorry and you are willing to make things right. This will strengthen brand loyalty.

Maintain your professional demeanour. Rather than figuring out where the blame lies, make your clients’ experience better. Doing this will turn upset people into loyal customers.

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