Does a Dental Implant Procedure Hurt?

woman holding a dental implant model

While most people know that dental implants are an ideal solution for missing teeth, many are reluctant on getting them. Most of this comes from the fear of pain that patients might experience during and after the procedure. If you have the same concern, it is important to know that the procedure is performed under a local anesthetic.

Fitting of Implants

This procedure involves making a small hole in the jawbone where the implant is to be placed, so you’re likely to experience minor swelling in the following days. If you’re having a tooth extracted before the surgery, the dentist may place the implant immediately afterwards. The dental professional, on the other hand, may have to wait for a few weeks or months if it isn’t possible to place implants right away.

Duration of the Procedure

If you’re worried about the length of the procedure, do note that this will depend on your case, as well as the number of implants you’ll need. A single implant can last for less than an hour, but for cases involving other procedures like grafting, it can take a couple of hours. Markham Dental Smiles and other dentists in Markham, ON offering dental implants noted that you shouldn’t be so completely worried about the surgery since it’s completely safe.

Pain Management

Over-the-counter drugs are available for dealing with any pain or headaches. You will need to contact your dentist if you experience a more intense form of discomfort. Your dentist, furthermore, may recommend using an antiseptic mouthwash or take antibiotics to lessen the risk of infection. Be sure to follow any after-care instruction as well.

Longevity of Implants

Good dental hygiene can help ensure that your implants will last for many years. Implants can last a lifetime when properly cared for and maintained. While dental implants cannot get cavities, it’s still important to brush them at least twice a day, just as you would your natural teeth. Flossing at least once a day is also advisable to prevent plaque buildup and gum disease.

If you’re considering implants but worried about the procedure, it is best to talk to a dental professional. This is to address your concerns and learn why you shouldn’t fear a procedure that can give you a healthy and beautiful smile.