Drain Cleaning: 4 Maintenance Steps

Clogged Drain

Clogged Drain in Salt Lake CityAs a homeowner, you will be faced with a clogged drain once in a while. You can choose to seek the assistance of a certified professional to sort it out. Or you can choose to go the DIY route if you’re confident about and know what you’re doing.

Before you choose which options works better for you, it helps to do regular maintenance on your drains first. Salt Lake City has its fair share of reputable contractors, but it doesn’t mean you won’t do you share to help maintain your house.  

Here are some routine maintenance procedures you can do.

1. Snaking: Snaking is a technique, in which a specialized cable is used to clear blockages in 2 and 4-inch drains. It is a simple and effective method to clean your drain.

2. Hydro-jetting: In this process, a high-pressure jet is used to remove debris from the drain lines and unclog your drain. Hydro-jetting is a process whose results last much longer than other techniques. It can be used to remove debris-like grease build up and roots from your drain lines. Specialized nozzles pumping water up to 3000 psi are used to clear blockages and unclog the drain.

3. Sewer camera inspection: Now, if you’re worried about the build-up of debris in your drain lines, you can schedule a sewer camera inspection. You will be able to pinpoint areas where trouble is brewing and attend to it before it becomes a problem.

4. Epoxy sewer lining: This is another technique to clear blockages in your drain. A sewer camera is used to pinpoint a trouble spot and a felt liner saturated with epoxy liner is placed inside the sewer. The liner is inflated and creates a pipe within the existing pipe. The bladder is removed once the epoxy cures and the new pipe is ready for use.

The simplest route to take when you’re trying to avoid a clogged drain is to undertake preventive maintenance. By carrying out a routine drain cleaning, you will ensure that you don’t stress yourself and lose money unnecessarily.