Driving Traffic to Your Videos and Website the Easy Way


Every business and online marketer knows that videos are a great traffic source with an almost limitless potential. One big problem, however, is that your target audience might not find your clips.

While everyone may be familiar with using YouTube and other video platforms, not everyone knows how to do it right. There are a lot of ranking factors used to rate videos. This includes everything from title tag information, audience retention, tags, keywords in description tags, video length, comments, to likes and dislikes.

To help you out, here are some tips to drive more traffic to your videos, and ultimately, your website.

Maximise Video Descriptions

Search engines and video-sharing websites, such as Google and YouTube, can’t watch or listen to videos. This means they rely heavily on the text you provide on the descriptions to understand your video’s topic. It also means if you want your clips to stand out, you don’t just need the best video backgrounds and animations, but also the right presentation.

When presenting your videos—whether for marketing, commercial or personal purposes—make sure to provide a detailed description about it. If you’re going to post it on YouTube, fill out the descriptions tab. If you’ll post in on your own website, give a background on what the clip is all about. This helps a lot in improving your vid’s visibility.


Encourage Subscription and Likes

The algorithms of most video-sharing sites don’t use backlinks, which means YouTube and other platforms put a lot of weight on other factors such as user experience. The more people who subscribe and like your videos and channels, the better it’ll perform in video searches.

When viewers like or subscribe to your videos and channel, it sends YouTube a message that you have a great video on your hands. Encourage interaction by giving a strong call to action at the end of the video encouraging viewers to subscribe.

Share on Online Communities

Active communities like Quora, LinkedIn and Facebook groups are great sources of legit traffic. While most communities don’t take too kindly to links on comments, they’re usually open to sharing videos, especially if these are useful. Just make sure the places or topics you link to are related to the content of your video.

With the right creative video backgrounds, editing, and presentation, getting your videos to rank and go viral can be very easy.