Electrical Safety Guidelines for Families with Little Ones

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Young kids are naturally curious and would play with virtually anything. With that said, ideally, you should never leave a kid alone in a room with fittings or electric appliances in use.

There have been cases of kids getting injuries — or worse, killed, due to sticking things into various appliances such as heaters, multi-boxes, and power points.

Remember, it only takes mere seconds for a kid to topple and electrical appliance, pull a cord, post something on your heater, or poke an object or their finger into an outlet. To prevent your little one from getting injured, consider these electrical tips:

  • Install plastic safety plugs in unused power points and sockets that your kid could easily access. Make sure that the plugs fit snugly and impossible for your kid to remove.
  • Make sure the furniture arrangement of your home gives your kid ample room to play and move around without getting near electrical appliances and heaters. Likewise, make certain that weighty appliances such as television sets are atop durable furniture and ensure that they’re stable and won’t topple on your kid.
  • Always opt for recessed or shuttered sockets for new upgrades or installations, particularly for sockets that your kid could access, suggests one of the top registered electricians in Wellington.
  • Whenever you’re done using electrical appliances such as clothes irons or hair dryers, put them somewhere your kid can’t reach.
  • Keep power boards or multi-boxes out of your kid’s reach, ideally on a secure wall bracket. If this isn’t possible, opt for a cover for your multi-box or if you could likewise purchase multi-boxes with an RCD and shuttered outlets.
  • Keep metal objects such as keys, nail files, or scissors out of your child’s reach in order that he can’t poke them into electrical outlets, heaters, and others.
  • Opt for shorter cords on your electric kettles and jugs to prevent your kid from pulling them and in turn getting scalded or burned.
  • Tell your kid they shouldn’t play with appliances because they are not toys.

Some advance preparation would go a long way towards keeping your kid, family, and home safe from electrical disasters. Regularly look around your home to try and pinpoint electrical hazards that you might have overlooked. And don’t forget to teach your kid about electrical dangers.