Exposed Pipes Are More Dangerous than You Think

Exposed PipesPipes are an incredibly important part of a building’s inner structure. They help distribute heat during cold days and keep our homes cool when it is hot. They keep the water flowing and take toxic sewerage away for processing into clean water.

Most of us do not think much of pipes. If there are a few exposed pipes in our homes, we simply order some pipe boxing from a UK provider to get rid of the eyesore.

Exposed pipes, however, are more than just an irritating eyesore. They present a very real hazard risk in your home and may cause serious injury. Exposed pipes are more dangerous than you think.

Radiator Pipes May Cause Serious Burns

Radiators are a common addition to most homes, as they keep the house nice and cosy. Unfortunately, radiators may also get very hot, especially the pipes. Many older homes with ageing radiators still have exposed pipes, which can get scalding hot.

Just last year, a young mother was horrified to find that her nine-month-old baby was left with horrific second-degree burns after touching an exposed radiator pipe. She just turned her back for two minutes, when her baby crawled towards the radiator and touched the pipe. He had to be hospitalised overnight to have the burns treated.

The mother now encourages others to cover their pipes with insulation. Pipe boxing that is made for heat applications may protect your children and any pets from burns.

Unsecured Sewer Pipes Expose You to Toxins

Some older homes may also have unsecured sewer pipes running under the building, which are visible from the basement. You should consider having a plumber check the pipes for leaks and asking for recommendations on how to hide them.

Unsecured sewer pipes can expose you to toxins. While leaks may mean exposure to water contaminated by faecal bacteria, escaping gases may be equally dangerous. Sewer gas exposure, even in small amounts, may lead to headaches, nausea and other symptoms.

We think of pipes as something solid and durable. After all, pipes are made of strong materials like metal and industrial grade plastic. Remember that exposed pipes may lead to serious injury and even the strongest pipes could cause problems down the line.