Getting a Divorce: What to Expect

Couples consulting on their lawyer

It does not matter whether it is out of choice or circumstances; the fact is that divorces are challenging to deal with. Both parties need to prepare emotionally, physically, and psychologically during and after the separation process. According to a family law attorney in Long Island, some of the things you should expect when getting a divorce include the following:

Knowing your assets and debts

The assets you own as a couple will have to be on the table as you go through the divorce case. Get hard copies of mortgage statements, bank statements, loan applications, tax returns, and life insurance policies. Keep these documents at a third party’s place where you and your spouse cannot gain access to them without legal notice.

Divorce can be expensive

Divorcing can be more costly than you thought possible. Worse still, it is hard to estimate the amount you are likely to spend in the entire process. But, you can look through previous cases or ask your lawyer or friends who have been through this to get an idea of the anticipated amount. In extreme cases, you may need to take a loan, open a line of credit, or borrow home equity.

Divorce is emotionally draining

You are likely to go through the emotional stress that comes with the separation more easily when you have family and friends to talk to than if you would spend time alone. Habits such as binge drinking to take away the emotional drain are likely to land you in more trouble in the future.

Taking time to learn what you should expect as you take on the divorce road will help you prepare for the whole process. This can even be a lot smoother and favor you in the long run if you consult an experienced family law attorney.