Getting Through a Divorce: Helping Your Children to Adjust

a mom hugging her child

Getting through a divorce can be traumatizing, especially for your children. The whole process can have a great impact on their lives. Sometimes, it could lead to anxiety and depression.

Due to a hectic schedule (paperwork, court visits, an appointment with the lawyer), not to mention all the drama at home, people sometimes forget about their children. Keep in mind that they should still be on top of your priority list. The best thing you can do as parents is let them know that this decision has nothing to do with them.

Helping Your Children Manage Their Feelings

As much as possible, be transparent with your children. Hiding things won’t really help them. Encourage them to talk about their feelings—positive or negative. Show empathy but separate your own feelings about the decision. Most of the time, they may put a blame on anyone. So, be prepared to answer their questions without letting them choose sides. Your objective here is to address their concerns and to explain your plans for them.

Having a Reliable Lawyer

By this time, you should be looking for reputable lawyers in Suffolk County, NY. Having a reliable lawyer who can take care of the paperwork and other legal actions should allow you to focus more on other important personal matters. Take this opportunity to spend quality time with your children.

Getting Help from Others

Sometimes, there will be incidents that you will need help from others. Ask one of your friends or relatives to talk to your children—someone they can trust or someone close to the family. It’s okay for children to see their parents upset but having an emotional breakdown in front of them will make them feel it’s their fault. You might also want to check out some group programs for kids. These organizations can help them get through the early stages of the case.

It may take time for everyone to adjust but showing your children that you’re strong enough will also make them feel better. Be patient and keep fighting for them. Always put their interests first when making any decision.