Helpful Ideas for Building a Modern Office

Modern Office in RosedaleModern offices are more in tune with the work-life balance intentions of the modern employee. These modern employees are typically the millennials, but they can also be older generations that have adjusted to the trends that govern business today.

As you are probably designing your new office, it helps to look at a few reminders to make sure that what you build is something that’s desirable for young top talent. These younger executives don’t dress like executives, don’t act like executives, but what they lack in experience they usually make up for in talent and a natural understanding of where work styles are going, and what technologies are effective based on their needs.

Offices are more ‘playful’

Offices these days are no longer the old style of white walls and a sea of cubicles. They are more often the type that reflects the youthfulness of the owners, the business’s clientele or the employees the business is trying to attract. Think about building a break room with a mini billiard or table tennis. Some also have video game consoles. The work areas themselves don’t have to follow conventions. They can be set on a pond, in tiny huts or whatever your creativity dictates. Just avoid the boring stuff that used to be what all offices looked like.

There are more ways to go from floor to floor

There are more ways these days that help employees go from floor to floor, or from one area to another on the same floor. This is especially applicable to big and wide offices. For example, you can build covered slides in addition to escalators and moving walkways. You still need elevators, though, especially for taller buildings. For safety, these need lift certification.

Employees are closer to nature

People like being close to nature, particularly the younger set. Especially if your office is in a city with hardly any plant life, putting a touch of nature in your offices is something your employees will appreciate. It’s no longer just about putting a few potted plants in the office now; some offices have Zen gardens, ponds complete with fish and actual trees under which people can sit and work with their laptops.

Modern offices are better for relieving stress among employees. If you are building one now, make sure it captures the spirit, creativity and imagination of the young talent you would like to attract.