Here’s What You Should Avoid if You Want Your Website to Make It Big

Website DesignHaving an online presence through a website is regarded with great importance by businesses and organizations today. But, this doesn’t mean you cram every piece of information you want and present it in one setting.

You may have come across some website designs that made you raise an eyebrow and scratch your head. You know that websites are supposed to be the marketing arm of businesses and organizations on the Internet but there really are some that left much to be desired.

If you are considering a website for your business, then these web design mistakes should be avoided at all costs:

Information Overload

True, one of the website’s tasks is to provide information to users, but a little too much may not be good. Take for instance a website with a homepage that’s packed with collages of videos, images, banners, ads, and a lot of other thingamabobs crammed together into its center. It’s like sitting in front of 50 television sets, grouped together, blaring at full volume, and each tuned to a different channel.

According to, with too much content begging for your attention, it can be difficult for the user to even guess what the site is all about. To get your message across, your website, especially your homepage should present information in a clear and organized manner. You must also make sure users will find it easy to navigate.

A Happy Rainbow

Colors help make your website look attractive, but if you use all of it on one page, then your site might look like someone threw a kaleidoscope of hues on it. It’s not that a medley of colors is automatically bad. It may be good in some instance but definitely not with a website. Try to limit your website’s theme to 3 colors or perhaps a maximum of 5 if that’s not enough for you. Just don’t go beyond the limit. If things get complicated, don’t hesitate to hire and work with a website design expert.

The Runway Approach

Though it’s not always a good idea to do so, but there are those who like to have something moving or blinking in one area of the website to catch a reader’s attention. The goal is laudable and could even work but for you to cause the entire background to blink alternately with the text, you might be courting a lawsuit this way. In fact, PC World says that such websites should warn visitors they could have seizures from viewing the website. Instead of doing this, have a clean background with a clear typeface that can be read easily.

A quality website design can take your business to greater heights. In case you find some difficulty in coming up with a great site, get some professional help.