Hiring Virtual Assistants: It’s Worth the Risks

Desktop computer

Desktop computerOne hot trend in the business world today is to outsource tasks such as documentation, secretarial jobs, and bookkeeping. To get them efficiently, business owners usually hire personal assistants who work virtually. They operate remotely from their location of choice. In addition, they use their own space and equipment. The only costs involved in hiring a virtual assistant (VA) is the rate they charge depending on whether it’s on a per day or per hour basis.

But, like any other business choice, hiring a virtual personal assistant does not come without its fair share of risks, which can force you to think if it is actually worth hiring one.

Some risks involved in hiring a virtual assistant include:

  • They may turn out poor quality work.
  • They could act unprofessionally and not finish the tasks assigned within the scheduled time.
  • They could be untrustworthy and leak your business information to a third party.
  • They may completely disappear from your lines of communications.

Risks Can be Managed

While it is true that nothing could be more harassing than to work with an incompetent and unprofessional virtual assistant, you can still manage all these risks by making smart choices. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Be careful about who your hire. Get the services of only the trusted VA providers in the business.
  • Make the terms and conditions of the job clear before agreeing to a contract.
  • Put the candidates through a trial period to check the quality of their work.
  • Clearly define the time limit for each task and penalize the assistant for delayed submissions.

Finally, if the virtual assistant is not working up to your standards despite repeated warnings, go and look for another one.

If you follow these tips, you’ll find yourself a truly reliable virtual assistant. Hence, do not be deterred by the potential risks involved in hiring one. Be thorough on your search to find the most suitable person for all your business needs.

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