Home Health: 3 Health-Related Reasons to Add Nature at Your Home

Plant next to a window

More and more homeowners in Utah realize that having indoor plants is a good idea. People are going crazy about biophilic interior design or the aesthetics of incorporating nature at home. But, going green in your interiors doesn’t just increase visual appeal; it also boosts health benefits for you and the family.

Here are some health-related reasons to keep plants in your home:

1. They Purify the Air

This effectively reduces air pollution in your home. Yes, there’s such a thing as indoor air pollution. And this could be triggered by a lot of factors, including dust, solvents, cigarette smoke, chemicals found in furniture and paint, and so on. Plants reduce these indoor air contaminants.

Of course, this goes without saying that you also have to do your part in purifying the air at home. Your AC has air-purifying capabilities too, but you have to keep their filters clean to avoid unclean air being thrown back into your space. Replace your filters every two months.

2. They Reduce Stress

One of the reasons biophilic interior design regained popularity over the years is there have been lots of studies confirming that exposure to naturally improve mental and emotional health.

And given that people struggle with more stressors now than ever, with different technologies causing sensory overload, there’s demand for interiors that offer respite. Thus, nature at home. Seeing greenery makes you feel calm and relaxed, which in turn boosts your mood.

It’s important to care for your indoor plants, especially considering the temperature at your home. Set your thermostat to 65–75°F during the day and 55–60°F at night.

If you have problems regulating temperature at home, call experts in air-conditioning; Salt Lake City specialists such as Whipple Service Champions will be able to assess what your unit’s problem is and provide solutions for it.

3. They Increase Humidity at Home

And this happens because plants produce moisture vapor. They release 97% of the water they get. High humidity in a room means reduced risk for respiratory problems. You and your family are less likely to have colds, sore throats, and dry coughs.

If it’s possible, group plants together in one corner of the room. This will effectively increase humidity at your home.

Indoor plants would do wonders for your home, not just aesthetically, but healthily. So, go green in your interiors.