Home of Passionate Minds: The Ease of Starting a Business in Fort Bonifacio

Fort Bonifacio

Fort Bonifacio is now a rapidly growing business center in the Philippines. It’s one of the best places in the country to open a venture in. This is why many business owners choose to set up a business here. Entrepreneurs are busy making money and building a business into something that will make them proud, so it’s important for them to find the best place for their venture.

Fort Bonifacio

What makes Fort Bonifacio a great place for business owners?

Lower taxes

The city’s tax rates are much lower than those of other surrounding cities, making it a competitive place for companies. This also means that apartments in Taguig and Makati are business-ready. For entrepreneurs making their decisions based on personal finances, the tax rate advantage can be persuasive. It’s one way of showing how the city values its business locators.

No number coding for vehicles

The city of Taguig doesn’t have a number-coding scheme on its internal streets. This is why it’s a perfect place to look for real estate firms that offer affordable residential properties to rent. With a history spanning more than a hundred years, it’s only natural that the city is one of the safest and most efficient neighborhoods in the country. Even business tycoon Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala considers the city’s business climate impressive.

These are some of the things the government of Taguig offers. It’s their way of inviting entrepreneurs to open up shop. It’s a growing high-end city that’s perfect for startups and seasoned businesses alike.